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10:10 Campaign

Linacre College has officially committed to the 10:10 campaign, a global project which encourages people and organisations to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in a year. 10th October 2010 was designated a global day of action in support of the campaign:


Oxford Students Join Most Widespread Day of Environmental Action in History

Students working at the Linacre College allotment


Students and locals working at the Linacre College allotment

On Sunday, Oxford students joined over 7000 groups in over 180 different countries to take part in the most widespread day of environmental action in history. Students came together in locations across Oxford to show how they were taking action on climate change.

In North Oxford 30 students and local residents moved paving slabs weighing over 60kg each to double the size of the Linacre College allotment, while in East Oxford 20 students cleared weeds and brambles from a derelict allotment with the OUSU Environment & Ethics Committee. In West Oxford, students harvested the Worcester allotment, before Linacre College threw a low-carbon dinner for everyone involved.

The initiatives were part of the ‘10:10:10 Day of Action’, named after the unique date on which the events occurred. All of the participants have joined Oxford University and several colleges in pledging to reduce their carbon footprints by 10% over the year 2010 as part of the campaign.

Daniel Vockins, Campaign Manager for the 10:10 campaign which coordinated many of the day's events internationally, said “From Oxford to Mexico City tens of thousands of people across the globe took positive practical action on Sunday. The message was clear, for years all politicians have done is talk, now we're showing them what leadership looks like”.

While students were gardening in Oxford, 7347 groups across the world were taking part in events in 186 different countries. In Jordan, Israel and Palestine, over 100 cyclists took part in a 3-day bicycle relay to carry water from the Yarmouk River and the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea to symbolize the need for cooperation to stop climate change and save precious water resources. Students in Afganistan planted trees in a valley outside of Kabul, while students in Iraq worked to install a solar panel at the University of Babylon. At the same time in Congo, refugees planted a “Forest of Hope” outside of Goma, home to thousands of refugees from regional conflicts. In Mexico City, the Mayor signed a commitment to cut carbon emissions 10% over the next year and joined thousands for a solar-powered festival in Chapultepec park.

Niel Bowerman, one of the organisers of Oxford's events, added, “Today the world has shown that it is ready for action on climate change; now it's the politician's turn. When I put down my pitchfork, the first person I will be calling is my MP.”

More information and international photos from the Global Day of Action can be found here: